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Workers Compensation Insurance is many companies single largest insurance burden. Premium rates exceed tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. The smallest of errors can substantially impact the premiums you pay.
Corporate Cost Solutions is dedicated to helping your company save money by uncovering the hidden errors that lead to increased Workers Compensation premiums. In fact, we are so confident in our ability to save you money that our fee is directly tied to the end result.
Corporate Cost Solutions Inc. is the premier worker's compensation auditing firm. We have recovered many millions of dollars in premium overcharges for our clients. Corporate Cost Solutions has recovered worker's comp premium overcharges for more than 4000 companies coast to coast. Our combined 50 plus years of auditing and classification analysis experience makes us uniquely qualified to recover your funds.
When your worker's compensation carrier send an auditor to you to review the payrolls they do so with an eye toward making certain that you have not underreported the payroll or intentionally misstated classifications to save money. An independent review by Corporate Cost Solutions Inc. is the only way to be certain that the worker's comp premiums you have paid are accurate.
Most company's believe that the payroll audit process is without flaws and there is no need for a review. In spite of the best efforts of our clients, their brokers and the carrier's auditors we identify errors in the worker's compensation premium audits 85 percent of the time. Typically resulting in substantial return of premiums to our clients.
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