Just a few of our happy clients.....
Everson Spice Co.
Signal Hill, California
"The audit was conducted exactly as explained to us and we received a refund as promised. It was well worth the effort."
Bridgeport Health Care Center, Inc.
Bridgeport, Connecticut
"I would like to thank you and your staff for the excellent work performed on behalf of our company. Due to your efforts, we have received a refund of approximately $24,000 from our previous insurance carriers."
The Arc of Bradford County
Starke, Florida
"Your auditors work was thorough and complete and they were able to identify some area's where we could secure refunds on the past policies and with this knowledge we will be able to save money on the future policies."
UMass Memorial Hospital
Worcester, Massachusetts
"As a result of the fine work performed of your staff we received a substantial refund on workers' compensation premiums already paid. The people at CCS are very professional. From the beginning, the service was executed exactly as it was explained and a refund was realized as promised. It was well worth the effort on our part to have CCS perform this service, and should the need ever arise again in the future I would have them audit our policies again."
Johnson Memorial Health Services
Dawson, Minnesota
"Your staff identified several errors in our premium which lead to a substantial refund. I would recommend your service to other businesses that are looking to cut their insurance costs."
Stainless Fabrication, Inc.
Springfield, Missouri
"I found it easy to work with your group, as they were always pleasantly persistent, patient and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone that is interested."
Mercedez-Benz (Sovereign Motor Cars Ltd.)
Brooklyn, New York
"We have recently used the professional services of Corporate Cost Solutions. As a result of their efforts we received a substantial refund on workers' compensation premiums for the past two years. We will continue to use their services as an audit of the premiums on a continuing basis."
Romac Electronics, Inc.
Plainview, New York
"We had been trying on our own for quite some time to get our company's operations reclassified without success. Although we were skeptical at first, we welcomed someone who had the expertise to get the job done as you claimed. Ours was not an easy case but you stuck by your initial findings and helped us every step of the way to clear the bureaucratic roadblocks that had prevented us from correcting the overcharges on our own efforts."
Mount Olive Pickle Co.
Mount Olive, North Carolina
"Your audit resulted in a significant refund to us for the years audited as well as continued savings going forward."
Mike Johnson's Hickory Toyota
Hickory, North Carolina
"I would like to thank your organization for the wonderful job you did in reviewing our workers' compensation. Your auditor came in and performed their assignment without any disruption to our daily task."
St. Francis Health Care Center
Green Springs, Ohio
"We recently received our refund check from the Ohio BWC. Without your assistance and the efforts of your staff, we would have been unaware of this potential. You initiated the process, took a very small amount of our time to review the documents needed, and implemented a response that turned out to be quite favorable for us, not only in the refund, but in the future cost savings as well. I only wish you had called sooner, we could have received credit for another year too."
Principle Business Enterprises, Inc.
Dunbridge, Ohio
"Your auditor examined our returns and employee classifications efficiently and with minimal disruption to my staff. The overstatements that were found resulted in a significant refund to my company."
Town of Pendleton
Pendleton, South Carolina
"Your firm discovered overpayment due to some misclassifications which we would not have discovered and to which we benefited by thousands of dollars."
County of Iowa
Dodgeville, Wisconsin
"We benefited from the audit by receiving a premium refund from our workers' compensation insurance carrier. We will continue to benefit through reduced premiums in the future. It was easy to work with your sales representative and your auditor. They were always pleasant, professional and thorough. I do not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone."