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Invoices � Service Agreements � Equipment
Obtain savings and reduce costs by 40% or more on solid and hazardous waste, typically without changing vendors
  • Over 91% Success Rate
  • No Savings, No Fee!
  • Little or no staff time required
  • A partner who will solve trash problems
  • All your locations will be in compliance
  • Manage & review ongoing billings
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Waste Audit and Management
  • All work is performed on a contingency basis. If we fail to recover overcharges or save you money on your future bills there is no fee.
  • Once you complete our agreement, provide us with copies of your most recent invoices and authorize us to represent you in the marketplace, your work is basically done. It�s that simple.
  • We secure a copy of the operating agreements from your garbage vendors and stop any automatic renewals from continuing.
  • We identify any overcharges, unnecessary services or other unfavorable issues in your current agreements.
  • We prepare the necessary paperwork to recover any and all overcharges from each carting company.
  • We negotiate new contracts that will include all the necessary terms and conditions to reduce your trash costs.
You share savings with us only when your cost reduction has been realized
The Result
  • Your cost is reduced substantially � sometimes in half.
  • No management time is required on your part to achieve these savings.
  • Contracts for all your locations will be standardized and will include special provisions that benefit you rather than the carting company.
  • Each of your locations will know, with certainty, what their rates will be for the next five years.
  • No hidden costs or price increases will take you by surprise.
  • You have a partner who will solve your trash problems on an ongoing basis.
  • We review every bill every month, at no additional cost.
  • You can call the carting company or us for any and all service needs.
How Can We Save You Money
We provide you with decades of auditing experience, and fully understand the cause of increased billings. If we find errors, we have them corrected and the refund directed back to you.
Our ongoing management of your waste stream expenses will provide you with substantial savings through the strength of our purchasing power. We have relationships with carting companies throughout the USA. Our large volume, and servicing of our customers’ accounts, enables us to leverage considerably better pricing than any individual company could hope to obtain on their own.
We mentor your staff throughout the terms of the agreement, so they can pick up where we left off at the conclusion of the contract. You will never again pay a bill that is not correct. We will review every bill every month, and if we find errors they will be documented so that they can be corrected and credited to your account.
  1. A review of your current operations
    Your waste services vendor will be thoroughly analyzed to provide an in-depth understanding of how your solid waste and recyclables are being managed.

  2. Identification of your opportunities
    We will increase opportunities for savings by locating the areas in which we can make the most substantial impact on your bottom line. You will increase your efficiency and reduce your costs as we meticulously apply knowledge of latest technologies, transportation systems, disposal alternatives, commodity prices and information from our national network of affiliates to your operations.

  3. Detailed recommendations
    You will receive comprehensive and easy-to-implement recommendations for the most cost effective improvements currently available.

  4. An analysis of expected savings
    You will receive a financial impact statement detailing the expected results and exactly how much money you will save.

  5. A plan for approval presentation
    Your approval is a critical step in our consulting process. We are dedicated to working with you as a partner in developing a plan that works for your specific needs.

  6. Implementation of your plan
    We ensure that your expected savings are being achieved. For the entire length of your agreement, we monitor the operations of your agreed-upon solid waste management systems and ensure that our standards are maintained by immediately correcting any errors or overcharges.

  7. Monthly reporting
    See how much money you saved each month with our detailed reporting system showing the actual results of your new waste management system.